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The book of Wo'O Ideafarm

Once upon a time, a man drowned in the surf in plain sight of many people on a crowded beach. Many saw him, but no one comprehended his plight, for they were preoccupied with their cares and pleasures. A few noticed, but thought, "If he is in trouble, the lifeguards will surely save him," and paid no more attention.

The man was struggling because one submerged hand was holding a small chest filled with treasure. His ship had sunk at sea, but a current had carried him to shore, and he thought, "Surely God has saved me so that I can deliver this treasure to its intended recipients, the people on this shore!". But now he was drowning in the heavy surf, and no one came out to rescue him.

He went under, never to rise again, still clutching the chest filled with treasure. The people on the shore neither noticed his death nor knew that he had died trying to bring them treasure!

This web site is a book. It is the true story of a genius who spent his life creating a wonderful treasure for humanity, only to be destroyed, along with his intended gift, but the corrupt judges and attorneys of Santa Clara County.

IDEAFARM.COM is an IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Tree book. If you are new to IdeaFarm (tm) Knowldge Trees, please click this sentence. Once you have completed the tutorial, click this branch (sentence).

Trust: The software (for M$ Windows) that can be downloaded from IDEAFARM.COM is not signed, so Windows will display scary messages and you will need to tell your anti-malware software to not scan it. My software is not signed because Comodo will not issue me a code signing certificate. My software will make code signing certificates obsolete. I have done five things to make it easier for you to trust me.

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