IdeaFarm (tm) Operations, Incorporated

Ideafarm Operations, Incorporated, is a California nonprofit public benefit membership corporation, controlled by its members through elected officers and an elected board of directors.

This corporation came into legal existence in April, 2017 with the filing of its Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State. Membership is open to anyone, worldwide.

The incorporator, Wo'O Ideafarm, is provisionally recruiting members. Once a quorum of members has elected officers and a board of directors, the incorporator will have no further control over the corporation.

The incorporator is now recruiting founding members as follows:

The mission of Ideafarm Operations, Inc., is to promote unselfish living. This is done primarily by operating an economic association for unselfish people that organizes unselfish people so that they experience real community with each other and thereby empower each other.

Members make two commitments. First, each member commits to living unselfishly, which is defined in the Articles and which means, roughly, that the member commits to playing the game of life to win, without cheating. Second, each member commits to joining other local members every eight days for dinner, typically at a local inexpensive fast food restaurant. Each participant pays for his or her own meal. The dinners are open to members as well as to prospective members. To remain a member, one need only participate in the dinners, get to know other members, and display a sincere commitment to living unselfishly.

Membership is "exclusive" only in the sense that it won't work for you unless you are sincerely interested in learning about, and practicing, unselfish living. The dinner groups are organized solely by location, in a way that brings people together across the social, economic, religious, and racial spectrums. Everyone, of any age or circumstance, is welcome.

Ideafarm Operations, Inc., operates transparently, as does the incorporator. All email and other contact with Ideafarm Operations, Inc., is subject to disclosure on IDEAFARM.COM.

To request a copy of the Articles of Incorporation, send email to:

There is currently no cost to becoming a member. To do so, just send an email to the above address that says, "Count Me In!".

Privacy: The roster of members is subject to publication on IDEAFARM.COM. The published roster will, for each postal code, list each member's verified legal name. The corporation will provide a way for members to communicate with each other via email.

Please request your copy of the Articles of Incorporation now by sending an email to the above address.