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The IdeaFarm (tm) Operations Knowledge Tree

IDEAFARM.COM uses a fundamentally new form of writing, the "knowledge tree", to present over 221,000 pages of information. An IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Tree web site consists of tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of plain text pages loaded statically from small files containing simple, compact HTML code. These files are generated from source text using IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle and are typically stored as Rackspace Cloud Files in containers configured to be served as static web sites. The design objective behind this architecture is to optimize for the presentation of vast amounts of interrelated textual information that is actively read by "climbing" up, down, and around the "knowledge tree".

The software emphasis is on powerful support for linking pages into a vast "tree", including the ability to create "reference links" that result in jumps either within the same tree or into another tree, which can be an entirely separate web site domain. The authoring emphasis is on crafting a "knowledge tree" that fully exploits the tree topology to present vast amounts of information efficiently. Although there is some support for creative formatting of individual pages using simple HTML markup, that is typically used sparingly. Within a well crafted IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Tree, almost all pages intentionally use the simple, default, plain text format.

Keeping the formatting of each page simple and uniform promotes the reading experience, since "knowledge trees" are designed to be actively read, with lots of clicking as the reader climbs around. The simple, plain text formatting also means that the HTML file for each page is small and loads quickly, improving the reading experience and reducing service bandwidth. But the main reason that plain text formatting is used is to promote literacy. "Knowledge tree" writing was created to empower those who would use the written word to communicate powerful, beautiful new ideas.

Writing that is worth reading requires no adornment. If unadorned written words that express a beautiful and powerful new idea cannot hold your interest, then you are functionally illiterate, and this web site is not for you. To continue, click this sentence.