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Welcome to Wo'O's Table ... Come, eat with us!

Intended audience and executive summary: The following invitation is intended for every human being on the planet. We invite you to participate in weekly dinners, organized by postal code. At these dinners, everyone is welcome. Unless other terms are set by the local moderator for a dinner group, you can participate anonymously, you don't have to become a member, and you don't need to purchase anything other than your own meal. On this web site, for $2 USD, you can put yourself on the waiting list for your postal code. Or, ask me via email (above) to list you for free. Or, ask someone to contact me on your behalf. To list yourself anonymously, just use an email address that does not reveal your name. I just need an email address and postal code.

IdeaFarm Operations is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation that is currently being organized. IdeaFarm Operations is registered with the State of California but does not yet have directors, officers or members. The IDEAFARM.COM domain and the IdeaFarm (tm) and Wo'O's Table (tm) trademarks are the property of Wo'O Ideafarm, the incorporator of IdeaFarm (tm) Operations. I, the incorporator, intend to donate the domain and its associated trademarks to IdeaFarm Operations once the corporation has replaced all appointed directors with directors elected by the members.

Wo'O's Table (tm) is my initiative to launch IdeaFarm Operations by inviting people worldwide to (1) eat weekly in community and (2) commit to living unselfishly. Participate regularly, and you will develop real friendships and experience real community as you empower one another economically, politically, and socially. Through the Wo'O's Table initiative, I intend to immediately bring empowerment to people through the simple idea of eating together weekly in a spirit of giving rather than taking. Once participants see the power of this simple idea, I will invite them to become members of IdeaFarm Operations in order to expand those benefits to each other. As participants begin to become members, directors will be appointed, later to be replaced by elected directors, and IdeaFarm Operations will begin to operate independently of me.

The Wo'O's Table dinner groups will be organized by postal code. For each postal code, the first group will likely be organized and moderated by someone as a for-profit businss. That person will do all of the work needed to bring the group into existence and then to moderate the dinner meetings to ensure that everyone feels safe and welcome. That person will also be responsible for ensuring compliance with local law and with rules set by IdeaFarm Operations. Such groups will be allowed to use selected IdeaFarm Operations trademarks and resources, including referrals of local people interested in participating.

As participation grows within a postal code, other groups are likely to be formed to serve particular populations, such as felons, undocumented immigrants, or a specific race, gender, sexual orientation, age group, etc. Such groups will be required to make all comers feel welcome so that the group remains focused on building relationships within the overall community rather than Balkanizing that community. For example, a group formed to serve the queer community must welcome straight people and operate in a way that promotes queer people's enjoyment of full participation in the larger community. Ditto for groups formed to serve undocumented immigrants, a particular race, men, women, retirees, minors, nursing home residents, etc..

Each group must operate in a manner that is not in conflict with the mission and character of IdeaFarm Operations, which is to promote unselfish living by empowering unselfish people. A group must not pursue any other mission and must not align itself with particular religions, political parties, social causes, etc. A group also must not pursue a particular topic or interest, or operate in any other way that targets some population segments to the exclusion of others. These are dinner groups formed to bring a community together, united by a common interest in enabling unselfish participants to prosper.

The local moderator for each dinner group will operate independently of IdeaFarm Operations, with minimal regulation. For example, an organizer might choose to have everyone meet weekly at a fast food restaurant, or in a park for a picnic, or in someone's home for "pot luck", or at a $30/plate fancy restaurant.

Membership is required only for moderators. At the option of each moderator, participation can be anonymous, first name only, full name, or with proof of identity required. The moderator can collect cash at the door, levy dues, or use any other revenue model not in conflict with Wo'O's Table rules. Each participant can be required to purchase his or her own meal, or the meal can be provided by the local moderator or by a donor.

Membership is $16 per month, but the most senior active moderator for each postal code pays only $4 per month. New members enjoy a free trial period. Revenue from membership dues accrues to me personally as incorporator until the membership has elected all IdeaFarm Operations directors. (The launch of IdeaFarm Operations is thus a for-profit activity for me.) At that time, membership dues revenue will begin to accrue to IdeaFarm Operations and my role as incorporator will terminate.

Interested in serving as the moderator of a local dinner group for fun and profit? Review the handout and the Articles of Incorporation (links below). Then introduce yourself to me via email after clicking "privacy" (top of page).

Are you a teenager? Would you like to earn some spending money by moderating a dinner group? Are you willing to show up reliably and moderate responsibly? Are you a self starter willing to work with initiative and without supervision? Why not try this out as your first business enterprise? I've envisioned launching Wo'O's Table for more than a decade, and having teenagers moderate the groups has been a part of my vision from the beginning.

Not a teenager? Although I reach out to teenagers, teenagers are not given preference; everyone is equally welcome to become a moderator!

To download the above handout, click:

To download the Articles of Incorporation for IdeaFarm Operations, click:

Moderators only: To purchase membership, click "pay" (top right) ($16 or $4 USD / month).

Everyone: To find other people in your postal code who want to form a Wo'O's Table dinner group, click "pay" and place yourself on the Waiting List ($2 USD).

My role (how the money works): For me, the launch of IdeaFarm Operations is a for-profit enterprise that will terminate when all directors have been replaced by directors elected by the members. The handout has been carefully designed to excite the kinds of people that are most desirable as friends, spouses, neighbors, coworkers, and employers. For $2 USD per person, I will enable you to find each other and to form real friendships and enjoy real community, through weekly dinner gatherings. When there are several people waiting in a postal code, I will help you decide which one of you will organize and moderate, either as a volunteer or, more typically, for-profit. The waiting list fee and the membership dues that moderators must pay give me a stake in your success in forming and maintaining your Wo'O's Table.

Click "pay" (top of page) now and place yourself on the Waiting List for your postal code!