IdeaFarm (tm) Operations, Incorporated

WARNING: We have been hit by a check forger criminal. This corporation currently has no financial activity and does not issue checks. If you have received a check that purports to be from us, do not attempt to cash it. Such a check will "bounce" and your bank might charge you a fee.

The above Articles of Incorporation were filed with the California Secretary of State on April 5, 2017. To view current registration information, click the last word of this sentence and then search corporation names for "ideafarm": CLICKHERE.

The man with a sign that you saw on the streets of the San Francisco Bay Area is the incorporator. Please review the above information and then send email, saying, "Count me in!" Please also include your postal code. (If you are in the United States, this is your "zip code".) The postal codes will be used to group members by geographic location.

This corporation will be controlled by its members, as described in the Articles. The incorporator has a particular vision, but you, the members, will decide what the corporation will become. Email "Count me in!" and together we will change our world!


Privacy: This corporation operates transparently, and its membership roster is public record. Your "Count me in!" email is thus a public declaration of your membership and your commitment to living unselfishly.

What will happen when you email "Count me in!" with your postal code:

The incorporator will acknowledge receipt of your email and put you on the list for your postal code. (In the U.S., "zip code".) His email to you will list the different levels of involvement. No money is involved in any level of involvement. The easiest level is that you will occasionally receive an email that lists the currently active "operations", with news for each and an invitation for you to get involved in one. The next level is for you to occasionally converse via email with the incorporator. If you want to be more actively involved, the incorporator will put you into email contact with others who are active at that level, for group discussions via email. Eventually, there will be a dinner group in your area, and you will be able to participate. The dinner groups will be the primary "operation" of IdeaFarm Operations. Other operations might be started on the initiative of the incorporator or, once there is a quorum of members, by the members. Once there is a quorum of members, control over the corporation will pass entirely from the incorporator to the members.

Please email, "Count me in!" now, and include your postal code.