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Wo'O Ideafarm's Free Speech Zone

IDEAFARM.COM publishes IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Trees. Anyone may submit a writing. The writing must be in IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Tree source format in a plain text ASCII file. (For an example, click "soil" at top right.)

Acceptance policy: Any speech that would be fully protected by the First Amendment will be accepted. This includes protected "hate speech", pornography, deviant pornography, pedophilia, and other vile writings. But a writing will be rejected if it falls within clearly established exceptions to the First Amendment.

Violence, criminality, and human sexuality policy: Writings presenting vile content must ask about the viewer's age, gender, mental health, and religion, and display an adequate warning tailored to that viewer. "Vile content" includes writings promoting criminal behavior or depicting violence or human sexuality.

Authors' duty: Just because you CAN submit a vile writing does not mean that you SHOULD. With freedom comes responsibility. Please minimize vileness in this forum, for it is a burden on readers and on other authors. Click here to submit a writing.

Warning: This is not a "safe space"! Enter only if you agree....

  1. ... to tolerate ALL writings no matter how vile.
  2. ... to tolerate ALL expressions of support for ALL writings.
  3. ... to not retaliate by oppressing any person, organization or product.
  4. ... to confront a speaker only with opposing speech, not with violence.
  5. ... that silencing speech violates the rights of all who would hear it.
  6. ... that a speech forum is not, and should not be, a "safe space".
If you agree, click here.