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IdeaFarm (tm) Operations

This document is a deeply nested IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Tree. Many sentences are clickable. This can be confusing until you have your "Aha! I see how this works!" moment. If you haven't, click the first tutorial now (in "tutorials" above).

Offering branded, accountable leadership and organization to empower every human being on the planet. My name is Wo'O Ideafarm. I am 61 years old. The emergence of the "Anonymous Movement" is the most exciting political development of my lifetime. Anons are right about the problem. But Anons are wrong about the solution. The Anonymous Movement will be an important part of the solution. But other organizational forms will also be needed.

I envision an Anonymous Movement that is complemented by other organizations that both cooperate and compete to enable people to empower each other and to work for progress. IdeaFarm (tm) Operations is one such organization. I have a plan. It is legal. It is simple. It will work. And it will even be fun.

IdeaFarm (tm) Operations is NOT part of the Anonymous Movement. But the two are complementary. We share the same world view, an assessment that things aren't as they appear to be, that today's so called "democracies" are a sham, that practically all economic and political power is held by a small fraction of the population, and that "plutocratic dictatorship" better describes "how it really is". We agree that the Internet must remain free of control by any territorial government or other concentration of power, to ensure that the technology is used to empower the People rather than enslave them.

I am an organizer. Give me an opportunity to show you what I "bring to the party". Then join me, and togther we will work for liberty, justice, and economic empowerment for every human being on the planet.

IPDOS (tm), a.k.a. IdeaFarm (tm) Piggyback Distributed Operating System, is what I bring to the party. Not windows. Not Linux. A truly new, radically different computer operating system, embodying fundamentally different computing concepts. IPDOS (tm) has been in secret development for 23 years (since 1992). IPDOS (tm) is the "engine" within IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle, which you can download right now to administer Rackspace Cloud Files containers and to publish web sites like this one. IPDOS (tm) has been, until now, the best kept secret in the software industry. (Click "bundle" above.)

When I began to write IPDOS (tm) in 1992, I did not dream of being the next Microsoft. My vision was, from the beginning, to create a platform that would empower individual human beings so that they could earn a living independently. IPDOS (tm), from its very beginnings in 1992, was envisioned as an infrastructure that would emancipate individuals from dependence upon governments, corporations, labor unions, the media, and other concentrations of power. IPDOS (tm) is revolutionary, both in the normal sense of the term, and literally. IPDOS (tm) is designed to change the game by destroying humanity's dependence upon concentrations of power and enabling individuals to rediscover the joy of both self reliance and participation in real community.

This web site, IDEAFARM.COM, showcases IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle so that you can see for yourself that IPDOS (tm) is for real. The next step in developing IPDOS (tm) is to deploy it to do real work, so that you and many others can see for yourself that it is for real and that it is solid enough to use to get real work done. Here, you will also find an extensive archive that discloses every detail of the past six years of my life as an activist fighting the plutocracy, so that you can see that I am for real. (Click "archive" above.) I have also begun to write essays intended to stimulate your thinking and guide your actions as you fight for freedom and work for social change; as each becomes ready, it will appear in "essays" above.

The Anonymous Movement is for real and it is here to stay. With IDEAFARM.COM and with IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle, I hope to show you that I, too, am for real. Check me, and IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle, out. Then show me that you, too, are for real by becoming a paying user of IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle and by becoming an IdeaFarm (tm) Associate. Together, we will work for justice, liberty, and economic empowerment for every human being on the planet.