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This book contains all that I intend to leave behind when I die. Until I die, this will be a "living book" that I will personally develop. After I die, other people will take over the development of the "branches" of this book that pertain to my business enterprises. To find the page for a particular product or service, or for a particular business enterprise, click into a sentence in one of the paragraphs below.

The mission of IDEAFARM.COM is to empower you. I labor to empower you over your own life. I do not labor to empower you over the lives of others. I do not care who you are, where you live, or what groups you identify with. If you are a human being, I want to empower you.

For me to empower you, you must commit to living unselfishly. Think of unselfishness as playing the game of life to win, but not cheating. There is nothing wrong with promoting self interest. But there is something very wrong with cheating. I want IDEAFARM.COM to enable you to play to win, without cheating.

This web site is not for selfish people. But many people who think that they are selfish merely confuse selfishness with pursuit of self interest, which is not selfish. If you are not sure whether you are selfish, you probably are not. Almost no one is selfish. Humans are naturally unselfish. If you are one of the few people who are truly selfish, let IDEAFARM.COM introduce you to a new possibility for your life.

This paragraph summarizes this entire web site. Click wo of the following branches (sentences) to "climb up" into this knowledge tree. About my software. About "copyrighted open source". About me.