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Wo'O Ideafarm's MAGA Zine: Make America Great Again!

100% human curation was a core concept of the STEEM blockchain. But "pay for resteem" and "pay for upvote" is transforming the platform into a vanity press enviornment in which the WORST content gets the most visibility. One solution to restore visibility for high quality content is to use external web sites to "follow" STEEM bloggers and to curate high quality content.

I am going to explore the possibilities for using IDEAFARM.COM to restore 100% human curation to the STEEM blogging platform. In Wo'O Ideafarm's MAGA Zine, I will provide 100% human curation as an old fashioned magazine editor. My editorial policy is to accept all high quality original submissions that are on topic, regardless of the viewpoint expressed or of the manner in which it is expressed. By "high quality original" I mean simply that the author has diligently done his or her best to express an opinion or idea and to provide supporting argument and/or evidence. No submission will be rejected because I don't agree with the idea expressed or because I don't approve of the words used to express it. No submission will be rejected due to poor grammar or spelling, as long as the author's use of the English language is comprehensible.

Become the editor of your own zine! My zine will be limited to the topic of "Make America Great Again!". Would you like to provide 100% human curation for your favorite topic? Click the icon at top left to let me know via email, and I will help you get started. You will need to learn how to write IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Tree source text, but it's easy to do and requires no special software or skills.