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The software (for M$ Windows) that can be downloaded from IDEAFARM.COM is not signed, so Windows will display scary messages and you will need to tell your anti-malware software to not scan it. This means that you should download IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle only from IDEAFARM.COM and only if you trust me.

My software is not signed because Comodo will not issue me a code signing certificate. I do not have a landline phone and I also do not have a physical mailing address. I live simply as a wanderer. I refuse to carry a tracking device (oximoronically known as a "smartphone"). A wandering lifestyle pleases me and secures me from big data, big government, and other bad guys, but does not please the pea brains who issue code signing certificates.

My software will make code signing certificates obsolete. Even if Comodo would issue me a certificate, I would not pay them to do it. There isn't anything wrong with the idea of accountability. But code signing certificates are stupid. There are much better ways to make malware authors accountable, ways that are decentralized so that no bureacratic pea brain can destroy your business or silence your activism by refusing to renew your certificate.

I have done four things to make it easier for you to trust me. First, since approximately 2009, my entire life, including practically every conversation that I've had with anybody, is documented in the "archive" link. Second, my software is released as "copyrighted open source", so that every line of code can be inspected. Third, I am contractually barred from accumulating wealth and contractually required to fully disclose every penny of my finances. Fourth, I publish my University of Chicago email address so that you can easily verify my alumni status by sending me an email.