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IdeaFarm (tm) Software and Services Dollar Store

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IdeaFarm (tm) Operation Fingerlift. What: Organize unselfish people into a network of people willing to "lift a finger" for one another by doing easy acts that make big differences. Why: Empower unselfish people by networking them together for quick response action. How: Transparent email-based organization with a public roster of participants (name, city, partial street address, verified identity). Cost: $1 USD per month membership.

IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle for Writers. What: Software bundle for Microsoft Windows. Why: Empower unselfish people by providing a useful bundle of software. How: IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle for Writers currently contains two features: (1) IdeaFarm (tm) Cloud File Administrator enables the "mirroring" of containers (folders, directories) between Windows computers and Rackspace Cloud Files. (2) IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Tree Publication System enables writers to develop and publish IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Trees. Cost: $1 USD per month per "home" (computer) subscription. Included: Email support, updates, newly added features, subscription price "lock-in" for the life of the subscription.