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The Book of Wo'O Ideafarm

One day, on a crowded California beach, a man was drowning in the surf, in the plain sight of many people. Though many saw him, no one comprehended his plight, for they were preoccupied with their cares and pleasures. A few did notice, but thought, "If he is in trouble, the lifeguards will surely save him," and paid no more attention.

One submerged hand held a small chest filled with treasure. His ship had sunk at sea, but a current had carried him to shore. He thought, "Surely God has saved me so that I can deliver this treasure to these people!" But now he was exhausted and drowning in the surf, and no one noticed.

A wave drove him under and smashed his head against a submerged rock. As he died, the treasure fell from his grasp and was swept out to sea. The people on the shore did not notice, and never learned of the treasure so nearly theirs!

I am such a man. This is my cry for help! Click here to see the treasure that I bring for you and your children!