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About "copyrighted open source".

IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle is "copyrighted open source" software. This means that the software is fully proprietary except that the source code is disclosed. The general idea is to combine the benefits of both models. Ideally, product development will proceed both "bottom up" (driven by user needs and wants) and "top down" (driven by profit, asset value maximization and market strategy). Generally, anyone may browse the source code but no one may distribute binaries, and the right to build (compile and link) is restricted to licensed developers.

This hybrid development model potentially delivers several benefits. Technically skilled users who want a bug to be fixed can fix the bug themselves and submit the fix. Unskilled users who want a bug to be fixed can pay someone to fix it, or can propose a community effort involving all users who would benefit from having the bug fixed. Enhancements can be proposed and developed within the user community with minimal centralized coordination. The proprietor has a strong incentive to arbitrate disagreements regarding technical vision according to maximization of asset value. The proprietor can attract investment to fund major development projects such as rewrites and ports. The proprietor can make asset value maximization decisions regarding end-of-life, technical merger, acquisition, and spin-off, product replacement, and basic research. In short, this hybrid model promises to preserve profit and asset value maximizing rational resource allocation while unleashing "bottom up" user-driven bug elimination, ports, and feature development. If the proprietor earns the respect and trust of users, this hybrid model can also unleash the power of enthusiastic, massively parallel amateur and student code development, accelerating the evoloution of the product ten or a hundred fold.