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The knowledge tree that you are reading, at the root of the IDEAFARM.COM domain, consists of about 30 small static HTML files. Those files were generated by the IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Tree Publication System from a single plain-text source file that resides on a GoDaddy.com Virtual Private Server running Windows 2012 R2. When the generated HTML files change, the IdeaFarm (tm) Cloud File Administrator automatically updates a "mirror" stored in a Rackspace Cloud Files container. That container is configured as a "Static Web Site" so that the Rackspace CDN (Content Delivery Network) will serve its files in response to HTTP requests. See the URI that appears in the URI window of your browser.

This software is bundled as IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle for Writers and priced at the introductory price of $1 per month per "home". A subscription includes email support and updates as well as newly added applications. As IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle for Writers is developed, its subscription price will rise, but existing subscribers enjoy price "lock in" for the life of their subscriptions. All of this is intended to reward early subscribers.

Most of the pages here use a simple, uniform plain-text format. This improves the reading experience for active readers who click many branches as they climb up and down to explore the knowledge tree. Simple, plain text formatting also keeps the HTML file for each page small so that the page loads quickly. Simple, uniform plain text formatting is also used to promote literacy. "Knowledge tree" writing was originally created to empower those who would use the unadorned written word to communicate beautiful new ideas.

Writing that is worth reading requires no adornment. If unadorned written words that express beautiful new ideas cannot hold your interest, then you are functionally illiterate and this web site is not for you. But if you are curious and open to experiencing a new kind of intellectual engagement, please click to enter:

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