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These two videos speak for me:

Thank you for visiting. My name is Wo'O Ideafarm. In these weeks before the election, I am speaking throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Several of my "street essay" speeches follow. I speak in the style of a teacher, extemporaneously but with prepared themes:

Diversity of thought is the most beneficial form of diversity
So tolerance for speech is the most beneficial form of tolerance.
When you tolerate a speaker, you also show respect for all who would listen.

"Make America Great Again!" means different things to different people
but what's important is what it can mean to you.
We can all pull together without having the exact same vision.
And ultimately, pulling together is how we'll make America great again.

But there is a limit: The Constitution.
Liberty and justice for all!

There's no room in that for hate!
Don't let the media put a negative spin on it.
The big news media are not your friends.
We are all lied to by Big Media,
bought and paid for by Big Money.

The real fight in this election
is between Big Money and our president
who is trying to "Drain the Swamp"!
He is standing against Big Money and the "Deep State"
to restore constitutional government.
He needs our help!

So vote smart!
"Make America Great Again" challenges us
to think BIG and to think POSITIVE.
The Republicans have a positive, unifying message
and sensible policies that are creating jobs and business opportunities.
The Democrat party and Big Media offer only negativity, division, and obstruction.

This election is an intelligence test!
You will decide whether we have government by the People, or by Big Money.
You will decide whether our president is able to "Drain the Swamp"!

Both parties contain "swamp creatures".
Politicians on both sides sell influence to Big Money.
Help President Trump "Drain the Swamp".
Help President Trump defeat Big Money and restore power to the People.
Help President Trump restore lawful and orderly immigration!
Help our president restore unity
by creating jobs and opportunity for all Americans.

If you are here illegally, this invitation is also for you.
All I ask is that you be a real immigrant, rather than a colonist.
This means speaking English
and participating in OUR communities.
Eventually, it means being here legally.
(We can work on that together.)

So "Make America Great Again" according to what YOU want it to mean.
Let us stand united for "liberty and justice for all".
Then let us use our power, individually and as a great nation,
To receive and to welcome true immigrants.
While expelling colonists who have no love for our country!

Here is another speech that I have been delivering:

Vote Republican; vote for real change!
Real change means that we secure the border.
then you will tell your Republican Congress
that you demand a path to citizenship
first for DACA, then for everyone.

It has to be done in that order, folks.
You cannot create a path to full citizenship
for up to thirty million people
without first securing the border.
That's not racism.
It's not hate.
It's just common sense.

We could have had DACA two years ago
when President Trump went to the Democrats
and said, "Give me the wall, and I'll give you DACA.
But the Democrats said, "No".

The Democrats don't care about DACA.
They don't care about their constituencies.
They sure as hell don't care about women.
Look how they used Dr. Blasey Ford
And her confidential letter!

The Democrats are just about power.
They have no message,
no vision,
and no plan.

They do not go to Washington to govern.
They go to obstruct due process.
They are no longer a political party,
but have become an insurrection,
in open revolt against the People
and against our government
and our Constitution

The Democratic Party has become
the face of hate
and the voice of violence and division

So send the Democrats home,
back to civics class!
Vote Republican.
Vote for real change,
including real immigration reform,
which must be done by the Congress,
not by executive fiat
or by state or local rebellion!

Here is a speech that I have been delivering on sanctuary cities and states:

"Sanctuary cities" are an idea in the right direction,
but it is a stupid idea that should not be implemented,
because it would take a temporary problem and make it permanent.

Within a sanctuary city there is no compelling incentive
to be a true immigrant, rather than a colonist
there is no incentive to speak English and to assimilate
and there is little opportunity for upward economic mobility.

A "sanctuary city" is no gilded cage
it merely preserves a pool of pseudo-slave workers
who are easy to control and to motivate
and to exploit!

The only way to unity is a path to full citizenship for everyone.
A "sanctuary state" does nothing to eliminate an underclass of people
who must live in fear of detection and deportation,
who cannot travel interstate,
or relocate in search of jobs or to pursue careers,
who cannot participate fully in our system of self government
and who cannot speak English and assimilate
and participate in mainstream community,
all for fear of detection and deportation.

Local "sanctuaries" against the will of Congress have no future
because they create a compelling incentive to invade and colonize.
by inviting colonization, they threaten the sovereignty
of the United States of America, and of its people.
Local sanctuaries will destroy civic unity
and would defeat the effectiveness of border security.

Without borders, the people of the United States
would no longer control who comes into our territory
not only within the "sanctuary", but everywhere!
"Sanctuary" areas would function as "beachheads"
and would expose the entire territory of the United States
to uncontrolled invasion and colonization.

if you are not here legally, then you are not an immigrant
You are a colonist!
But that's OK.
"Liberty and Justice for All" is for you, too.
All I ask is that you be a true immigrant.
rather than a colonist.

There's a big difference,
but it basically means speaking English
and assimilating and participating in our mainstream community
and, eventually, being here LEGALLY.
(We can work on the last part together.)

Wo'O Ideafarm's MAGA Zine: Make America Great Again! 100% human curation was a core concept of the STEEM blockchain. I am going to explore the possibilities for using IDEAFARM.COM to restore 100% human curation to the STEEM blogging platform. Become the editor of your own zine!

The Book of Wo'O Ideafarm One day, on a crowded California beach, a man was drowning in the surf, in the plain sight of many people. One submerged hand held a small chest filled with treasure. A wave drove him under and smashed his head against a submerged rock. I am such a man.

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