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            there are currently no practice writings
             please avoid using controversial or offensive topics and viewpoints and words in this practice area
             practice writings should contain your email address, but need not contain your legal name
            practice writings will display here
           click here to view the "practice area"!


               \rweb page (snapshot)
               \rweb page (current)

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               this initiative is for busy, productive adult men and women who are willing to "lift a finger" for liberty, justice, and empowerment
               you will never be asked to do more than "lift a finger"
               you don't need to buy anything and I will not ask you to donate either money or time
               \rClick the icon at top left to send an email to me saying, "Count me in!"




               those who are enslaved within tyrannical regimes will become able to escape to freedom!
               this moral transformation will energize worldwide participation in democracy, self government, and individual responsibility
               by enabling real community, unselfishness can eliminate loneliness and alienation and reduce conflict and violence
               unselfishness is the key to restoring real community and the sacredness of each person's connections with other people, with the Earth, and with Higher Power
               the mission of this quasi-religious conglomerate is to promote unselfish living driven by love and animated by purpose and duty
              \rIdeafarm Operations, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation:

              the means to realize that vision:


               think of "Boy/Girl Scouts for adults"
               the plan:  Legal.  Simple.  Effective.  Fun
               these sovereign entities will ensure that individuals do not use cyberspace as a platform for committing crimes or interfering with the "internal affairs" of the territorial governments
               \r(IdeaFarm (tm) City is one such entity, a constitutional monarchy.)
               IPDOS (tm) will transform cyberspace into a "new world" for our time, a new frontier in which sovereign States can be established within which every human being on the planet will be able to "live", freed from dependence upon or control by the territorial governments
              \rIdeaFarm (tm) Space and IdeaFarm (tm) City:

              a new civic and political vision:


               the creation of this "place" will force the territorial governments to compete for "contract residents", and will emancipate every human from every noncontractual claim on his person or property
               once this software is installed by millions of people, no territorial government will be able to interfere with this "place" or with the humans "living" within it
               this decentralized distributed system can be used to create a "place" in cyberspace in which every human being on the planet will be able to "live" outside of the jurisdiction of any territorial government
              \rIPDOS (tm) IdeaFarm (tm) Piggyback Distributed Operating System - A "global virtual computer" general purpose C++ software development environment:

              a new kind of computer operating system:



                this image was retrieved from a web page that stated that the image may be used without attribution

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             click here to see the treasure that I bring for you and your children!
             this is my cry for help!
            i am such a man



            <p><table cellpadding=10 align=center width=100%><tr align=left valign=middle><td width=50>\m\r\n

             the people on the shore did not notice, and never learned of the treasure so nearly theirs!
             as he died, the treasure fell from his grasp and was swept out to sea
            a wave drove him under and smashed his head against a submerged rock

             but now he was exhausted and drowning in the surf, and no one noticed
             \rHe thought, "Surely God has saved me so that I can deliver this treasure to these people!"
             his ship had sunk at sea, but a current had carried him to shore
            one submerged hand held a small chest filled with treasure

              \rweb page (snapshot).
              \rweb page (current);
              this is fiction based on fact:

             a few did notice, but thought, "If he is in trouble, the lifeguards will surely save him," and paid no more attention
             though many saw him, no one comprehended his plight, for they were preoccupied with their cares and pleasures
            one day, on a crowded California beach, a man was drowning in the surf, in the plain sight of many people

            <p><table cellpadding=10 align=center width=100%><tr align=left valign=middle><td>\m\r\n

           :book.of.wo.ideafarm:\rThe Book of Wo'O Ideafarm

             you will need to learn how to write IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Tree source text, but it's easy to do and requires no special software or skills
             click the icon at top left to let me know via email, and I will help you get started
             would you like to provide 100% human curation for your favorite topic?
             my zine will be limited to the topic of "Make America Great Again!"
            become the editor of your own zine!

             no submission will be rejected due to poor grammar or spelling, as long as the author's use of the English language is comprehensible
             no submission will be rejected because I don't agree with the idea expressed or because I don't approve of the words used to express it
             by "high quality original" I mean simply that the author has diligently done his or her best to express an opinion or idea and to provide supporting argument and/or evidence
             my editorial policy is to accept all high quality original submissions that are on topic, regardless of the viewpoint expressed or of the manner in which it is expressed
             in Wo'O Ideafarm's MAGA Zine, I will provide 100% human curation as an old fashioned magazine editor
            I am going to explore the possibilities for using IDEAFARM.COM to restore 100% human curation to the STEEM blogging platform

             one solution to restore visibility for high quality content is to use external web sites to "follow" STEEM bloggers and to curate high quality content
             but "pay for resteem" and "pay for upvote" is transforming the platform into a vanity press enviornment in which the WORST content gets the most visibility
            100% human curation was a core concept of the STEEM blockchain

           :ideafarm.magazine:Wo'O Ideafarm's MAGA Zine:  Make America Great Again!


            while expelling colonists who have no love for our country!
            to receive and to welcome true immigrants
            \rThen let us use our power, individually and as a great nation,
            let us stand united for "liberty and justice for all"
            so "Make America Great Again" according to what YOU want it to mean

            \r(We can work on that together.)
            eventually, it means being here legally
            \rand participating in OUR communities.
            \rThis means speaking English
            all I ask is that you be a real immigrant, rather than a colonist
            if you are here illegally, this invitation is also for you

            \rby creating jobs and opportunity for all Americans.
            \rHelp our president restore unity
            help President Trump restore lawful and orderly immigration!
            help President Trump defeat Big Money and restore power to the People
            help President Trump "Drain the Swamp"
            politicians on both sides sell influence to Big Money
            both parties contain "swamp creatures"

            you will decide whether our president is able to "Drain the Swamp"!
            you will decide whether we have government by the People or by Big Money
            this election is an intelligence test!

            the Democrat party and Big Media offer only negativity, division, and obstruction
            \rand sensible policies that are creating jobs and business opportunities.
            \rThe Republicans have a positive, unifying message
            \rto think BIG and to think POSITIVE.
            \r"Make America Great Again" challenges us
            so vote smart!

            he needs our help!
            \rto restore constitutional government.
            \rHe is standing against Big Money and the "Deep State"
            \rwho is trying to "Drain the Swamp"!
            \ris between Big Money and our president
            \rThe real fight in this election

            bought and paid for by Big Money
            \rWe are all lied to by Big Media
            the big news media are not your friends
            don't let the media put a negative spin on it
            there's no room in that for hate!

            liberty and justice for all!
            but there is a limit:  The Constitution

            and ultimately, pulling together is how we'll make America great again
            \rWe can all pull together without having the exact same vision
            \rbut what's important is what it can mean to you.
            \r"Make America Great Again!" means different things to different people

            when you tolerate a speaker, you also show respect for all who would listen
            so tolerance for speech is the most beneficial form of tolerance
            \rDiversity of thought is the most beneficial form of diversity

            here is the full text of my "street essay" speech:
            in these weeks before the election, I am speaking throughout the San Francisco Bay Area
            my name is Wo'O Ideafarm
           :landing.page.feature:thank you for visiting

           if you are new to "knowledge trees", use your mouse to hover over "help" above

          if you agree, click here


           \r"Those who can't stand the heat should get out of the kitchen!"
          \r... that a speech forum is not, and should not be, a "safe space".

          ... that silencing speech violates the rights of all who would hear it

          ... to confront a speaker only with opposing speech, not with violence

          ... to not retaliate by oppressing any person, organization or product

          ... to tolerate ALL expressions of support for ALL writings

          ... to tolerate ALL writings no matter how vile


          enter only if you agree...
          this is not a "safe space"!

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           <p><center><iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/hO8MwBZl-Vc?rel=0" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe></center>\m\r\n

            IDEAFARM.COM is dedicated to serving the early adapter "first follower" authors and readers who first put to use the technology and vision of IDEAFARM.COM
           if you like the idea of a totally uncensored speech forum, but are afraid to be the first author to be published here, watch this video!

              the publisher may impose additional requirements on form and/or content
             terms applicable to pedophilia and to all writings deemed by the publisher to promote criminal conduct or create tort liability

              if requested by the publisher, the author must move such content from the root page up into the knowledge tree and provide a warning to the viewer
              there are no special restrictions on the content of the root page
             terms applicable to writings deemed by the publisher to contain hate speech:

              additional warnings must be added per any additional request to make the writing more "safe for work"
              the root page must not display such content and must warn the viewer that such content might be displayed when the viewer climbs up into the knowledge tree
             terms applicable to writings containing nude images or other sexually explicit content, including narratives:

              the publisher makes no representation regarding the quality of a writing; promotion of the writing is solely the responsibility of the author
              the publisher agrees to maintain an acceptance and deletion policy that censors as little as possible subject to the requirements of law
              the publisher reserves the right to delete a writing at any time for any reason immediately upon notice being emailed to the author
              a nonrefundable submission fee must be paid in advance; the amount of the fee will be set after an initial review of the submission
              no editing services are provided by the publisher; the writing will be published exactly as it is submitted or not at all
              a responsible author must provide proof of identity on request, and failure to do so can result in deletion of a writing
              clicking on the author's name must also display a link to the author's blog post on steemit that is associated with the writing, so that opposition of, and support for, the writing can be expressed into the STEEM record
              clicking on the author's name must display a statement that the author accepts all criminal and civil liability and indemnifies and holds harmless the publisher
              the responsible author's legal name and email address must be displayed on the root page
              a writing is subject to deletion if the responsible author does not respond promptly to an email sent to him or her by the publisher
              the responsible author must notify the publisher of a change of legal name or of email address
              \r(Legal name is not required for practice submissions.)
              a "responsible author" must be identified by true legal name and an email address
             general terms for acceptance:

            click here
           submission terms and conditions:

             the general rule is that indentation cannot increase by more than one column at a time, but can decrease by any amount as long as a line's indentation is greater than the indentation of the title line
             each subsequent line (reading upward) must be indented correctly relative to the title line
            the title line (the lowest line) can start in any column
            your file need not contain the control information
            to view an example, click "soil" at top right
            your plain text file should be emailed to me as an attachment
           how to submit text
            during this introductory period, the submission fee will be waived
            there is no fee for submitting practice knowledge trees in order to learn how to write them or to try out advanced formatting
           submission fees:

          click here to submit a writing
          please minimize vileness in this forum, for it is a burden on readers and on other authors
          with freedom comes responsibility
          just because you CAN submit a vile writing does not mean that you SHOULD
         authors' duty:

          \r"Vile content" includes writings promoting criminal behavior or depicting violence or human sexuality.
          writings presenting vile content must ask about the viewer's age, gender, mental health, and religion, and display an adequate warning tailored to that viewer
         violence, criminality, and human sexuality policy:

          but a writing will be rejected if it falls within clearly established exceptions to the First Amendment
          this includes protected "hate speech", pornography, deviant pornography, pedophilia, and other vile writings
          \rwill be accepted.
           \r to the "We the People" Constitution of the United States of America.
          \rFirst Amendment
          \rAny speech that would be fully protected by the
         acceptance policy:



         <table cellpadding=10 align=center width=100%><tr align=left valign=middle><td width=300>\m\r\n

          \r(For an example, click "soil" at top right.)
          the writing must be in IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Tree source format in a plain text ASCII file
          anyone may submit a writing
         IDEAFARM.COM publishes IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Trees

        \rWo'O Ideafarm's Free Speech Zone